Day 4 21st September 2013

19.45  What a day it has been and it has not finished yet!

2 New World Records to start the day – late afternoon and a new Head Down Large Formation European Record of 96! and now the formation skydivers have just jumped and – from the ground – it looks as though they have built the 108 way – separated totally to a second formation – we shall see soon when they bring the evidence (video and photos) to us to judge.

96 way European Record

96 way European Record

Whatever I think we will have a party to end all parties tonight!

16.45   After the success of the Formation Skydivers the Freeflyers went up for their 9th atempt to build a European Record.  The smiles on landing, the “high fives” led everyone to believe they had done it – but when they looked at the evidence – one person had a grip missing on the formation.  But they were almost there, so at 4.30 they took off for one more go – with the best wishes of all on the drop zone with them.  May the force be with them as well.

Meanwile the Formation Skydivers were planning another jump.  A 108 this time and all grips dropped and then the transition to a second formation.  They will go after the Freeflyers.

Some of my pictures from the happy FS jumpers over the past couple of days and World Record after World Record!

After 2nd record

After 2nd record – we did it!

Tone  - from Norway

Tone – from Norway

Bich  from France

Bich from France

lesley, UK - and one of the French jumpers

lesley, UK – and Marciel, Frane

More of the 106

More of the 106

11.00 and ANOTHER WORLD RECORD was confirmed.  106 with 4 points – and the 4th was held for 15 seconds!  It was awesome to see from the ground and even more so on the video and photos.  I will load the videos once I get to a good solid internet connection!  At the moment they are just too much for what we have here.

1st point

1st point

2nd point

2nd point

3rd point

3rd point

point 4

4th point

Talking to a lot of very happy jumpers as they landed there were comments like : “the best group ever” “the best 100ways I have ever been on” “great to have this record to go for” – thanks to B.J. Worth and his retirement gift to skydiving at the IPC meeting earlier this year.

I understand the Americans are planning an attack on these records in November – it will be interesting to see what can be achieved.

Meanwhile the Freeflyers and continuing their efforts to build a new European Record with a 96 way –  more to follow.

Last big load yesterday evening was another attempt by the freeflyers at the European Record.  This time they modified their plans from a 108 to 96 formation – keeping much the same but leaving off 12 stingers.  But it was not to be.  No let up – this morning they took off at 8.30 for a fresh attempt.  From the ground it looked close, but no not all there.  No one said it was going to be easy – but it must be very frustrating when the formation guys are being so successful.

At 8.30 this morning the 106 way dirt dived the four points, and they will be in the air as soon as all the aircraft are down from the freeflyers attempt.

The programme for today is relentless:

Todays challenge

Todays challenge

You can also follow Skydive Empuriabrava’s reports:


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