Day 3 20th September 2013 – 2 World Records

106 way - 1sr formation

106 way – 1sr formation

YES YES YES – We have a new Woeld Record  106 way transitioning to a second point!  CONGRATULATIONS to all the participants – organisers – everyone.  – Amazingly at 15.00 the team jumped again and guess what – we have another World Record – 106 way and 2 further points making 3 in all.  The plan now is to go for 4 tomorrow!

106 2nd formatin

106 2nd formatin

Last night 14 4-way teams took part in the scrambles competition in the windtunnel here at Skydive Empuriabrave – Windoor – organised by Anne Maxwell and Pete Allum with Thierry Courtain assisting with the judging.  4 rounds, very different moves from the usual 4-way sequential pool.  Rounds 1 and 2 were the same star 360 rotation star : each opposing pair in the star crossed to the other side alternately and then again –  back to a star – into two pairs – crossing twice and back to the start.  It was great to watch and I am sure fly as by the end of the second round teams had adapted to these “new” formations and speeded up.  Round 3 was a traditional random round with high scores all round.  Round 4 was a relay race!.  With the requirement to touch the tunnel side at designated points with first right hand, left hand, left foot, right foot – then out the door, tag the next team member – continuing for the 1.40 – this led to some spectacular flying – great viewing for the spectators and Regan’s commentary.

Discussing the windtunnel competition - Anne Maxwell and Thierry Courtain

Take a look at Windoor’s Facebook page for great photo’s and the results.

This morning we had an 8.30 start for the 106 Sequential Formation team to dirt-dive the formation with the plan to go for a 2 point sequential as follows:

Formation 1

Formation 1

Inter 1 - 2

Inter 1 – 2

2nd formation

2nd formation

Inter 2 - 3

Inter 2 – 3

3rd formation

3rd formation

The base 106 did not complete – with two jumpers “lost” in the wrong part of the sky – a real pity, but to quote Regan “if it were easy it would have been done before – that is why it is the “European Challenge”!  The weather is perfect today, with really low changeable winds, sun and blue skies – amazing after the high winds yesterday.  It is easy to understand why Empuriabrava claims to be the largest drop zone in Europe.  It is certainly the most popular.

One hour later the 108 Freefly attempt was airborne – again it did not complete, but was closer than the previous attempts.  After a debrief they will have a second attempt.

It is now mid-day and the call went out for 30 minutes call for the 106 way.


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