Day 1 – 18th September 2013

Logo - posterIt is all happening here in the sunshine.  (other than a good WiFi connection – as usual!)

10.30 this morning the 7 aircraft took off for the first attempt at the 108 European Head Down Record.  At 11.00 we had 108 (+ video) canopies in the sky, but no record – but it was a chance for the aircraft to have their first attempt at flying in formation.  Not easy with the differing types of aircraft, speeds, climb rates etc.  The exit altitude was 19,000 feet, and the base built quickly but was turning and changes would be made for the second attempt later today.  It was amazing to watch from the ground – first the aircraft in formation – then the 108 formation starting to build before breakoff.  The discipline on breakoff was good.

Regan - The Skydiving "Master of Ceremonies" with a super chat line.

Regan – The Skydiving “Master of Ceremonies” with a super chat line.

Regan keep the crowd of onlookers fully informed and added to the overall excitement.

At around 12.30 the first attempt for the “belly fliers” happened – with a base formation 106 jump.  This was to see how this would build, time, slots and if the formation itself was sound, providing the information needed to proceed to the actual record attempts.

Again Regan kept the crowd informed and the aircraft formation was tighter than the first one.  From the ground it looked as if they had built it, but a look at the video showed it was not quite there, but an excellent first attempt.  As Regan keeps reminding us we have until the 22nd – another 4 days.

A second attempt on the Head down record happened – again not achieved but a great learning experience.

Meanwhile the Judges continued their work cross checking the FAI Sporting Licences for Names, currency, NAC and Nationality.  So far we have identified 26 different nationalities taking part.

At 17. 00 hrs the belly fliers built the largest formation ever built at EmpuriaBrava – 104 way.  Bodes well for the sequential jumps planned for tomorrow.

104 way - as planned Largest formation ever built in EmpuriaBrava and Spain

104 way – as planned
Largest formation ever built in EmpuriaBrava and Spain

At just before 18.00 the freeflyers had a really good jump and improved over the two previous ones today.

Exciting things ahead for tomorrow and the rest of this week.


About beekeeperwife

I am English but have lived in France now for 18 years with my husband Tony. I have my own business as an Estate Agent, my husband is retired. He started totwards beacoming a beekeeper a year ago, and has just completed his course having already built three hives and read compiously. On 13th April 2012 we put the theory into practice. My hobby is skydiving, no longer jumping, I am an international judge.
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